The day dawned with skies of sunshine and clouds.  We walked up to Cerisy la Salle to buy bread, pain au chocolat,  cheese and ham and andouilles for a picnic later in the day.  As this was the Saturday before the Duo Normand, I had to sign on for the race in the afternoon – our plan was to ride over to Marigny, pausing for a picnic en route.


Our picnic spot was by an old fish pond in Carantilly – we had baguette with comte cheese, ham and andouille.  The ducks were amusingly “honky”, probably because we refused to chuck them any scraps!  Then a short ride took us over to Marigny, where we arrived before Gerry.  After a brief wander (to make sure he really wasn’t there), we cycled out along the course in reverse direction past “ghoul corner”, where we pasued to watch a few cyclists trying out the course.  Then it was back to Marigny to meet up with Gerry and to sign on for the race.

Once we’d signed on, Carol and I left Gerry to ride round parts of the course (mostly rehearsing the steep descents) and set off back to the house, where later Gerry and I tinkered with Gerry’s bike.  To make it work, you understand, despite the fact it was in clear violation of Team Grumpy rule #2.

25.6 miles