We got up and had a nice breakfast in a large dining room at the hotel. Today was going to be pretty short, as we only had ten or eleven miles to cycle to the ferry at Craignure. In the end this was pretty uneventful – it was dry, the road isn’t hilly, and so we reached Craignure in plenty of time. We picked up some snacks at the village shop while we were waiting, and chatted to some cyclists, who were also completing their tour.

The cycles were loaded first, which was good, since it had been drizzling slightly and the ferry was running slightly late. An uneventful crossing returned us to Oban, where we bought some crab sandwiches for lunch (we ate them in the car en route to Tayport where we were visiting friends on the return trip). We retrieved the car from the garage, and in rather heavy rain took the bike apart and loaded all our kit before driving away.

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