This was a pretty easy day, fortunately enough after yesterday’s windy day, with only 15 miles or so to the Stornoway ferry terminal. Reaching the ferry terminal, we left the bike, and went to investigate Stornoway. We picked up some bananas and fruit and nut mix from the Co-op (along with a couple of bottles of chocomilk). A visit to the Library cafe dealt with lunch (toasties and apple pie with capuccinos). After wandering around, we returned to the ferry terminal and waited for the ferry.

The man loading the ferry was keen to get us on the ferry before the cars, which was good, as it meant we could get good seats on the observation deck. On the crossing, which is about 2h45, we actually saw some dolphins and gannets going after a shoal of fish. Despite the sunny conditions, it was getting a bit cool, even in the ferry. It was quite a relief to get off the ferry – the bloke organising the unloading was very helpful, and got us off before the majority of motor vehicles.

Once off the boat, we circulated round Ullapool looking for a B&B. The one we settled on was a little ‘eccentric’, and without en suite facilities.  But we both slept well enough. For evening meal, we went to the Ferry Boat Inn. Carol had cajun monkfish, which was great, while I had a mountain of grilled langoustines. For dessert we both had Ecclefechan tart.

This B&B (the name escapes me) was a bit primitive, but that was reflected in the price. The owner had WiFi, but guests had no access.