This was  to be a short ride, as we were leaving Pitlochry and visiting friends in Tayport (across the Firth of Tay from Dundee).  After packing all our kit into the car, we cleared up the rented house and made sure we’d not left anything behind.  From Pitlochry, we drove down the A9 to Dunkeld.

Dunkeld’s a place I’ve cycled to on many, many occasions – it was a favourite club run destination when I was with the Dundee Wheelers (1990-1999).  We left the car in a car park by the River Tay, and rode off along the main street.  We started by climbing up the A923 in the direction of Blairgowrie.  The route was completely familiar – all those Dundee Wheelers club runs  seemed to have left tyre ruts in the tarmac!

Reaching Blairgowrie, we negotiated the new one way traffic system and went down to the cafe that we used to frequent, down by the river.  Unfortunately it was closed and boarded up for good.  Our attentions turned to the next door Cargill’s Bistro, where we stopped for tea and scones (excellent jam!).  Very friendly, especially considering they were still clearing up for the day’s trade.

From Blairgowrie we headed off along the A93 then returned to Dunkeld along the A984 – the most notable feature here was the appallingly damaged road surface, much worse than I remember it.  Pretty uneventful ride really, through rolling mixed arable farming landscape, and very pretty.

Back at the car, we loaded the bike back on the roof rack, did a spot of shopping, and then left.  Our so-called “cycle tour” was now over, bar social visits to friends and family.