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Twitter sanctioned spamming

This morning I received a tweet in my twitter stream from some internet Bingo outfit, from an account that I don’t follow. It’s not unusual to pick up spammers on Twitter, but this one was a bit unusual – it… Continue Reading →

Rapid software release cycles

There seems to be a growing tendency for software updates to be pushed out to users at a fixed and high frequency. I’ve kind of got used to this through Ubuntu GNU/Linux releases every 6 months (but there it’s generally… Continue Reading →

Telomeres, exercise and the work ethic…

It’s not often I see telomeres referenced in a web comic. Here’s today’s Dilbert:

Apparently I'm blocked in Yunnan province

I picked up a link to a website that claims to test if your website is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.  Interestingly the results are as follows: This website appears to be blocked in Yunnan province – I… Continue Reading →

Darmok and Jalad (xkcd)

The latest cartoon from xkcd refers to my favourite episode of Star Trek: TNG.  Actually, I suppose I generally found ST:TNG rather un-memorable, usually with facile plot resolutions.  But this episode I thought was quite imaginative.

EU to sue UK over Phorm phiasco

It’s been a while since I noted any news about Phorm, the outfit that hawked a system for illicit DPI snooping in internet traffic.  The Register today reports that the EU is to sue the UK over its failure to… Continue Reading →

Site Upgrade

This is merely a test post – I have upgraded this site from corePHP’s WordPress for Joomla! version 2.9.1 to version 3.0.1.  There may be a few technical niggles related mostly to the site template – please to tell me… Continue Reading →

Password reuse (xkcd)

Here’s a rather good webcomic from the ever-reliable Actually, it’s a very pressing concern – how does one keep track (securely) of the passwords that protect our many accounts round the web?  Not quite so sure about Google, though!

Home Alone + Wet Weather = Website Overhaul

So there I was, on my own with plans to get out on the bike somewhat thwarted by heavy rain showers, and very much at a loose end.  So I took it upon myself to tidy up this website. I’ve… Continue Reading →

TalkTalk = StalkStalk

The UK ISP TalkTalk was recently spotted shadowing its customers’ tracks around the internet. The excellent has a comprehensive summary of why this is illegal (TalkTalk becomes StalkStalk).  Interestingly the man in charge, despite claiming to have deleted all… Continue Reading →

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