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A few years ago, I decided to have a play with using a power meter in my training. Because I wasn’t too sure about how useful I’d find this, I went with the cheap option – a Polar CS600X with… Continue reading →

Astwood 10 8/5/13

I really didn’t feel at all enthusiastic about this event. A weekend away in Brussels for family reasons had left me tired and a little jaded. This, coupled with all my lack of training, clearly foreshadowed a pretty poor performance…. Continue reading →

Carter Tutti – Coolicon

This is rather good – an edit from a forthcoming release by Carter Tutti – Coolicon. According to the Carter Tutti website: The title ‘Coolicon’ is the name of the manufacturer of an old metal lampshade Delia Derbyshire used to ‘sample’… Continue reading →

Third generation iPad

I never upgraded from the first generation iPad to the second. I thought the second generation was more of a generation 1.5. But I was sorely tempted by the upcoming 3G iPad. Indeed, the improved cameras and retina display were… Continue reading →

Neutrinos not faster than light, evolution safe!

Last year, when bemused physicists reported the apparent discovery of faster than light neutrinos, a shock wave ran through the news media, despite professional physicists the world over pointing out that it was almost certainly a technical cockup (ISTR the… Continue reading →

Comments on Contador and clenbuterol

Since the judgement was sent down (finally) on Alberto Contador’s clenbuterol case, quite a few stories have emerged detailing commentators’ views on the matter.  The other day the Pez Cycling news website featured a comment article with which I pretty… Continue reading →

New for old

Way back in late November, Apple announced that some first generation iPod Nano models had defective batteries that represented a hazard, and that they had instituted a replacement programme. Visiting the website revealed that mine was one of those to… Continue reading →

Richard Dawkins to guest edit the Christmas issue of New Statesman

New Statesman – Richard Dawkins to guest-edit the New Statesman Christmas issue In a 100-page special issue, the evolutionary biologist and bestselling author Richard Dawkins brings together some of the world’s leading scientists, thinkers and writers. Should be interesting!

Normandy 2011 – day 3

After a bit of a late start (around 11am), headed off on the tandem through lovely green and lush countryside to Agon-Coutainville, where 3 course lunch was had [whelks; skate (R) turkey (C); creme brûlée]. Returned to the house by… Continue reading →

Normandy 2011 – day 2

Still windy a.m. Went for brief walk up to Cerisy La Salle for some food. Back at house, decided to go out for short bike ride in the environs of Cerisy La Salle and Notre Dame de Cenilly. Rather good,… Continue reading →

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