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Duo Normand 2016

This was Team Grumpy’s 13th ride at the Duo Normand – as you’ll see in the report, the event was marred by tragedy in the race. The report is written using Microsoft Sway, here’s the direct link if the embedded… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day ’10’ Stoke Hammond

After a remarkably warm (and wet) December during which I don’t think we had a single frost, there was quite a heavy frost visible on roofs and cars when I got up in the morning. This was a bit of… Continue Reading →

iPod Nano repair

A few years ago, I obtained a 6th Generation iPod Nano by virtue of a product recall (the 1st Gen nano had a battery problem). I’ve used the replacement iPod far more than the 1st Gen version, so I was… Continue Reading →

Stony ‘11.4’ 15/7/15

We had a nice evening for this event, in contrast to my ride to work on the P5 through pretty damp conditions. I also picked up a flint that penetrated my front tyre. I booted the tyre while at work,… Continue Reading →

Stony ‘11.4’ 3/6/15

This was my first time trial after returning from our tandem cycle tour in the Hebrides and was a return to the Stony Stratford course after three weeks (I failed to post a report on that event). It was actually… Continue Reading →

Brogborough ’10’ 29/4/15

This was the first time the Brogborough ’10’ course had been used for an NBRC club event. The course was first used a few years ago when the new link road to the Bedford bypass was opened, thereby rendering the… Continue Reading →

2014 Tour – Day 4 Harris

We decided to take it a bit easier today. The wind was still quite strong and from the north bringing cool temperatures and showers, so after a fine breakfast we set off up the steep road from Loch Seaforth up… Continue Reading →

HiFiBerry DAC for the Raspberry Pi

I mentioned at the end of my previous blog article on the Raspberry Pi that I had a DAC board in transit. Well it has arrived, I’ve fitted it and after a few trials and tribulations, it is set up… Continue Reading →

Smartphones, tablets and styli

It’s always struck me that handwriting was a natural way to use a tablet computer, though maybe this is a hangover from my days as a Pocket PC user! But the Apple Way is not to use a pen or… Continue Reading →

New tandem, part 4

One of the main reasons for buying a new tandem was an improvement in transportation. Not, I add, in transporting us and our luggage but in transporting the tandem by car. In the UK it’s pretty much impossible to travel… Continue Reading →

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