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Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Perusing the UK Governments web consultation on the repeal of unnecessary legislation, I came across this one – Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics — HMG – Your Freedom.  Woohoo!  Just for posterity, the proposer ays: The second law of… Continue reading →

Stony '11.4' 30/6/10 – Drat, drat and double drat!

Another lovely evening (though rather too hot for me) for this club event.  A depleted number of “regulars” was augmented by some cyclists keen to give time trialling a shot – this was a nominated “come and try it” event. … Continue reading →

Bizarre advertising

So, there appears to be a new Microsoft XBox 360 campaign running on UK TV, hot on the heels of the annoying Windows 7 shorts – I caught it last night on ITV. The first part of the catch phrase… Continue reading →

Physiology, training and the Masters cyclist

Pez Cycling has a brief article (Toolbox: What Does Every Masters Athlete Have in Common?) which touches upon the physical decline that faces the ageing athlete, and what to do about it.  For one in his second half century, there’s… Continue reading →

Hemel Hempstead '25' F13/25, 27th June 2010

It certainly seemed as though summer had arrived when I arrived at Launton for the Hemel Hempstead ’25’, held on the F13/25 course.  Riding out to the start, it was immediately clear that my headset adjustments made before leaving home… Continue reading →

The Times website requires registration – web traffic drops

One of the more irritating things about the internet is the apparent inability of the “old media” to “get it”.  Rupert Murdoch’s recently started to implement a program of changes to his News International newspaper websites.  I noticed the other… Continue reading →

Astwood '10' 23/6/10 – summer's here!

Well, a bit of a change from the weekend’s racing – a lovely sunny and warm evening greeted us as we gathered for the NBRC’s club event on the Astwood circuit.  In actual fact it was the sort of evening… Continue reading →

British Time Trial Championship 2010

Somewhat to my surprise, the other half of Team Grumpy volunteered to organise the 2010 British Time Trial Championship.  This meant of course that I felt duty bound to offer a spot of web support.  We ended up deciding to… Continue reading →

Two views on the NHS Summary Care Record

Having opted out from having my medical records exposed to an astounding number of people via the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) scheme, I’m always interested in seeing opinions on the SCR. There are a couple of open access opinion… Continue reading →

More data loss in the NHS

More (albeit relatively small scale) data losses by the NHS (NHS still rubbish at caring for data • The Register), but once again the totally toothless Information Commissioner’s Office response appears to be “Don’t do it again”. So, does anyone… Continue reading →

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