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Groklaw to stop publishing on May 16th

I don’t suppose most people are aware of the continued threats against Linux by those companies who feel threatened by the growth of Linux.  Many out there believe that Linux is just some minority OS that’s not user-friendly and is… Continue reading →

flies&bikes updated…

I’ve updated this website to Joomla! version 1.6.  At the moment, I’m aware of problems with the display of some images, but I’m working on it.  The main blogging platform is WordPress, implemented using a Joomla! extension from corePHP.  Let… Continue reading →

My year in tech

2010 has seen some shifts in my usage of computer technology. After many months pooh-poohing the iPad (after all, what would I need an unfeasibly large iPod Touch for, anyway?), I had something of a change of heart. This was… Continue reading →

TalkTalk to continue invasion of customers' privacy

The BBC reports that the UK ISP TalkTalk (also known as StalkStalk) is pressing on with its intrusive malware scanning system (Talk Talk to introduce controversial virus alert system).  However a better analysis can be read over at NoDPI (Update:… Continue reading →

xkcd – Tech Support

The latest from xkcd tickled me – this sort of conversation with “tech” support is why I changed ISP (well, that and the Phorm phiasco).

EU to sue UK over Phorm phiasco

It’s been a while since I noted any news about Phorm, the outfit that hawked a system for illicit DPI snooping in internet traffic.  The Register today reports that the EU is to sue the UK over its failure to… Continue reading →

Password reuse (xkcd)

Here’s a rather good webcomic from the ever-reliable xkcd.com: Actually, it’s a very pressing concern – how does one keep track (securely) of the passwords that protect our many accounts round the web?  Not quite so sure about Google, though!

Catch 22 website situation

Grrr… Over the last couple of years, I’ve migrated two websites from their original hosting company to the same people who are my current ISP.  This was because of persistent “500 Internal Server Error” problems, always due to excessive load… Continue reading →

ScienceDirect -> SciVerse

Image via CrunchBase I’ve been trying to overhaul my reprint collection* and bibliography, using the Mendeley Research Networks system.  Access to many journals comes via Elsevier’s ScienceDirect, which has been down for most of yesterday “for scheduled maintenance”.  At the… Continue reading →

I fought iTunes, and iTunes won!

Just a brief addendum to the previous posting about iTunes, iPod Touch and Rhythmbox.  Since then, I’ve ended up with updating iTunes on two PCs.  I intended to shift everything to the new Win7 PC (though in truth I rarely… Continue reading →

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