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Spotify, its business model and its future

Prompted by an article in The Guardian (Spotify opens up analytics in effort to prove its worth to doubting musicians), I visited a Spotify website which seeks to de-mystify the periodic brouhaha around Spotify’s business model and whether or not… Continue Reading →

More objections to Spotify

Here’s a BBC News page with a segment from a recent Newsnight programme discussing Spotify and whether it does artists a disservice – Spotify – friend or foe of musicians? We still see the issue of low royalty rates for… Continue Reading →

Twitter sanctioned spamming

This morning I received a tweet in my twitter stream from some internet Bingo outfit, from an account that I don’t follow. It’s not unusual to pick up spammers on Twitter, but this one was a bit unusual – it… Continue Reading →

The ubiquity of Facebook

Ove the last few years, I’ve dabbled in Facebook, but frankly never really wanted to share all the trivia of my life with others, and nor did I want to know the trivia of other peoples’ lives.  Periodically, Facebook seemed… Continue Reading →

UC Davis pepper spray cop meme

The infamous pepper-spraying of protestors at UC Davis has gone a bit viral it seems. Here’s a video of the cop casually spraying peaceful protestors. This isn’t some harmless spray.  On the Scoville scale of chilli heat, where the pretty… Continue Reading →

xkcd: The wisdom of the ancients

This is like a scene from my life with computers…

Chez Grumpy gets a new router

Where I live, firmly in the home counties, we have a pretty crap electricity supply.  It is prone to cutting out unexpectedly.  This afternoon was one such occasion, and when the power came back my router (a Netgear model, slightly… Continue Reading →

Google +

Well, I joined Google+ while in France.  Which has resulted in a strange blend of English and French in by Google+ page (Franglais?).  Anyway, until I build up enough contacts in my circles, I see tumbleweed blowing.  The interface is… Continue Reading →

Rapid software release cycles

There seems to be a growing tendency for software updates to be pushed out to users at a fixed and high frequency. I’ve kind of got used to this through Ubuntu GNU/Linux releases every 6 months (but there it’s generally… Continue Reading →

Apparently I'm blocked in Yunnan province

I picked up a link to a website that claims to test if your website is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.  Interestingly the results are as follows: This website appears to be blocked in Yunnan province – I… Continue Reading →

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