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 Logitech Squeezebox Radio Wi-Fi music player • Register Hardware I’ve been using version 3 of the original Squeezebox for some time now for streaming digital music via the home network.  Didn’t quite fancy the later Squeezebox Boom.  The Squeezebox radio… Continue Reading →

Microsoft patents phylogenetic method?

This story popped across my screen this morning:Microsoft patents phylogenetic comparative methods. . . say what? – Dechronization blog  (hat tip, PJ over at Groklaw).  Bizarrely, Microsoft appear to be patenting a method for Clustering Phylogenetic Variation Patterns.” The authors… Continue Reading →

Magazine – The Correct Use of Soap

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s almost 30 years since this album was released, to huge anticipation by a few (such as my immediate circle of friends)  in May 1980. Howard Devoto had left Buzzcocks just as they… Continue Reading →

Sydney Brenner on C. elegans

The latest issue of Genetics to flop onto my desk has a rather nice article by Sydney Brenner entitled “In the Beginning Was the Worm…“. This brief article (in the regularly excellent Perspectives section) presents an account of the origins… Continue Reading →

Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here was one of the first albums I bought (a late starter, I didn’t start buying LPs until I went to University in 1977).  It’s long since disappeared from my vinyl collection – probably as… Continue Reading →

Lux Interior RIP

The Cramps’ Lux Interior died earlier this month.  There’s a story at the Mojo website (Lux Interior: October 21, 1946 – February 4, 2009) I’ve inserted a video of my favourite Cramps track below the fold

A curious deep sea fish

 This cute little fish is Macropinna microstoma. The green objects under the transparent carapace are its eyes: the dark blobs above its mouth are olfactory organs. [video: 480×295]

Darwin 200: Re-Reading "On the Origin of Species"

The journal Current Biology invited a number of prominent biologists from a number of disciplines to re-read Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, and to write commentaries – they can be found at (Re)Reading The Origin. Charles Darwin’s 1859 book On… Continue Reading →

Neanderthal genome

After a bit of teasing in the blogosphere that the draft sequence of the Neanderthal genome would be released in time for Charles Darwin’s birthday this week, I was eagerly looking for a paper.  Instead what I find are three… Continue Reading →

In the Journals – Chemical evidence of multicellular life 635 million years ago

A paper in the current issue of Nature [Love et al (2009) Nature 457; 718-722] suggests that multicellular life existed about 100 million years before the explosion of bilaterian animals in the Cambrian. The evidence comes from analysis of rocks… Continue Reading →

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