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Book Review: Jobst Brandt Ride Bike!

This book is a nicely presented tome all about the American cycle pioneer Jobst Brandt. I’d long been aware of Brandt not only because I bought a copy of his excellent book on the spoked bicycle wheel (The Bicycle Wheel),… Continue Reading →

Book review: Cycling in the Hebrides

When we first visited Lochedge Guest House in 2012, Richard Barrett, who runs Lochedge, mentioned he was just completing a book on cycling in the Hebrides. By the time we returned in 2014, the book was approaching a reprint, and… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Coppi: Inside the Legend of the Campionissimo by Herbie Sykes

This is a Rouleur publication (under the Bloomsbury imprint), and in common with that magazine, it’s chock full of photographs, printed on high quality paper. In his introduction, Sykes admits he’d always promised that he wouldn’t write a biography of… Continue Reading →

Book Review – From Stars to Stalagmites – How everything connects

From Stars to Stalagmites – How everything connects World Scientific 2012 ISBN 13 978 981 4324 97 7 Paul S. Braterman* I am a pretty avid reader of popular science books, but generally speaking I’ve mostly read books with a… Continue Reading →

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