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SRAM eTap wiring (being the second part of remodelling the Cervelo P3C)

In which I test (and implement) some alternative wiring possibilities for SRAM eTap gear shifters The SRAM eTap Aero groupset was released in 2015 with a version aimed at road bikes where the gear change controls were switches in the… Continue Reading →

New aerobar set up for the Cervelo P3C – Part 1

In which I do yet another bout of TT bike fettling, this time to address the front end clutter. The (possibly mad) plan for the P3C handlebar Some months ago, I’d bought a secondhand 3T Aduro base bar (the same… Continue Reading →

My Venerable Hed H3 Trispoke Wheels

Hed H3 wheels are  probably Team Grumpy’s go-to wheel – they are pretty close to being indestructable (but not invulnerable) – they aren’t likely to go out of true as there aren’t any spokes to break or lose tension.  In… Continue Reading →

My Current Power Meters

In which I review the power meters I’ve been using over the last few years. All of these seem to be accurate and consistent in their data. This is a brief review of the four systems I currently use –… Continue Reading →

The eTap Blipbox and the Cervelo P5

In which I grab the soldering iron and splice together wires and plugs to place the ‘brains’ of the eTap system deep in the bowels of my TT frame! Earlier this year, I travelled to Wales for a Team Grumpy… Continue Reading →

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