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Valv. (Piti) back in the peloton

Cyclingnews.com reports Valv. (Piti) is back in the pro peloton after serving his ban for involvement in the Fuentes Affair (Valverde: I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong | Cyclingnews.com).  But professing innocence.  Interesting given the match between his DNA and the… Continue reading →

Eileen Gray to carry Olympic Torch

Frankly, I have little interest in the overblown spectacle that the modern Olympics has become.  I will of course try and watch the cycling events on the TV, but otherwise it leaves me rather cold.  Over at road.cc, I see… Continue reading →

Richard Dawkins to guest edit the Christmas issue of New Statesman

New Statesman – Richard Dawkins to guest-edit the New Statesman Christmas issue In a 100-page special issue, the evolutionary biologist and bestselling author Richard Dawkins brings together some of the world’s leading scientists, thinkers and writers. Should be interesting!

Bad Faith award: Dorries takes a landslide victory

The New Humanist magazine reports that Nadine Dorries has won their 2011 Bad Faith award by a landslide (Bad Faith Award 2011: it’s Dorries by a landslide).  As New Humanist says: It’s been a fascinating race for the award this… Continue reading →

Contador, clenbuterol and justice in doping cases

This week, Cyclingnews provided an update of the much-delayed CAS hearing on Alberto Contador’s doping ‘positive’ (Contador Doping Verdict Expected In January | Cyclingnews.com).  More delay in finishing with this bizarre case: Alberto Contador’s fate should be announced in January,… Continue reading →

Removing (or hiding) iTunes!

Having written just the other day why I view the iPad as an appliance or a gadget rather than a personal computer (my judgement revolved around limits to what the user is able to do with the device), I found… Continue reading →

Is the iPad a Personal Computer?

Ars Technica has an interesting article pondering whether the iPad can be considered a Personal Computer or not (The iPad is a Personal Computer—true or false?).  This is something I have considered, in the year or so since I became… Continue reading →

Cowon x7 Personal Media Player

Why I felt I needed a new music player Over the last couple of years, I’ve accumulated a sizeable collection of digital music – mostly in mp3 format, but also ogg and flac. I play music through the domestic WiFi… Continue reading →

Tour 2011, Day 6

After yesterday’s debacle, a new front tyre was needed, the spare we have being a bit aged itself. So it was back across the road to Escape Route Cycles, where we bought a 32mm folding tyre. When fitting the new… Continue reading →

Tour 2011, Day 5

This was a really warm and sunny day, and was forecast to be like this all day. I’d planned quite a long ride, encompassing climbs over Schiehallion and Ben Lawers, scenic rides on the Foss road and up Glen Lyon…. Continue reading →

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