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Astwood '10' 24th March 2012 – The Return of Puncture Bob

I woke to find rather thick fog, but by the time came to ride up to this week’s North Bucks Road Club club event on the Astwood course the fog had pretty much lifted. The same could not be said,… Continue Reading →

Third generation iPad

I never upgraded from the first generation iPad to the second. I thought the second generation was more of a generation 1.5. But I was sorely tempted by the upcoming 3G iPad. Indeed, the improved cameras and retina display were… Continue Reading →

Port Talbot Wh 2-up '25' 11/3/12

  As is now usual, Team Grumpy prepared intensively for the 48h prior to this event: a preparation which entails consumption of takeaway curry and Belgian beer.  We woke on the morning of the event feeling surprisingly chipper considering the… Continue Reading →

Darth Lansley continues his march to destroy the NHS

Andrew Lansley continued his push for the NHS bill (which many view as the latest Tory effort to take down the NHS) with another secret hospital visit this week.  Here’s a video of him being heckled through the corridors of… Continue Reading →

Neutrinos not faster than light, evolution safe!

Last year, when bemused physicists reported the apparent discovery of faster than light neutrinos, a shock wave ran through the news media, despite professional physicists the world over pointing out that it was almost certainly a technical cockup (ISTR the… Continue Reading →

Comments on Contador and clenbuterol

Since the judgement was sent down (finally) on Alberto Contador’s clenbuterol case, quite a few stories have emerged detailing commentators’ views on the matter.  The other day the Pez Cycling news website featured a comment article with which I pretty… Continue Reading →

Contador suffers yet another delay to CAS verdict today reports that yet again Alberto Contador has had a delay in the announcement by CAS of a verdict in his astonishingly long-running doping affair (Contador Verdict Expected Today | I cannot believe the ineptitude of all concerned… Continue Reading →

Jesus & Mo…and student unions

In reponse to the latest crawling from a Student Union over the recent Jesus and Mo fracas, and indeed the recent example of intimidation at an event featuring a dicussion of sharia law and women’s rights:

What a surprise, more CAS delays on high profile doping

Velonews reports that CAS is to delay the announcement on their verdict on Jan Ullrich’s involvement in the Operacion Puerto blood doping ring. (CAS to delay Ullrich verdict) The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) notified the 1997 Tour de… Continue Reading →

Yet more delays for Contador's clenbuterol case reports that Alberto Contador clenbuterol case decision delayed till the end of January.  This is insane.  How long will it take to resolve this situation?  And will a decision that has been delayed for so long really be justice? For… Continue Reading →

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