As I think I noted in one of the rare posts here this year, plans to ride the Duo Normand in 2019 were initially thwarted by a date clash, but ultimately the organisers rescheduled the event to 15th September (not, I think, in response to our inability to attend!) which meant that all systems were go. The main report is built using Microsoft Sway – you can either read it via this link: 2019 Duo Normand, or via the embedded version below. The four-way arrow icon will expand the Sway.

Some observations – Firstly, there was a drop in the number of UK teams, which affected the overall atmosphere of the event. This may be due to the fall in the value of sterling. Secondly, this was the second time the event was run on the new course, and the course is growing on me. Thirdly, the event featured an ‘exciting’ high speed malfunction in the closing 500m.