So now I’ve started, I’ll continue!

This event was held on a spectacularly sunny and warm afternoon. I rode over to the HQ in Lidlington. This was a pleasant ride marred only by a puncture  just after riding through Ridgmont. I only got a little mucky while changing the inner tube, but of course the little mini-pump only gets the tyre pumped up to a ‘get you home’ pressure, and it wasn’t until I got to Lidlington that I could pump it up properly with the help of a borrowed track pump (thanks, Trevor).

I went out to warm up on the road to the start (the wonderfully named Sheeptick End), and saw former clubmate Nathan looking good as he scooted down the start hill, wearing a pair of unfeasibly lurid green overshoes.. I was off number 30, and by the time I got to the start I was thinking about how dry my mouth was, and how a glass of cold Leffe would go down. Dispelling these counterproductive thoughts, I lined up, started the computer, waited for the countdown, and I was off down the starting descent. I was dimly aware of Nathan who, having completed his ride, was at the roadside giving me a cheer.

Once down the descent, the road turns up slightly, and I noticed I was knocking out a rather unsustainable power and decided to ease back into a more sustainable rhythm. For the rest of the course, things were rather unremarkable – I got round all the roundabouts without holdups, though I found my speed rather variable. I caught a few riders, which always helps the mindset!

I finsihed in about 23:22 or thereabouts and shortly after heard a shout from Steph, who’d finished with a PB, but I was so thirsty and didn’t stop but headed back to the HQ for a much-needed glass of water.

Looking at the data afterwards, it seems as though there’s a bit of an improvement over Wednesday in the average power values. Maybe I’m just getting more attuned to racing once again. I’m riding the VTTA ’10’ Championship over at Tring (F11/10) on Monday.