This event was on the F2D/10, and had a full field, with 17 women and two mixed tandems. The women all started as a block near the start of the event. NBRC had three riders on the startsheet: David Price and Debbie Vanner had also entered, though David DNS’d due to a bad cold. I went over with Katja, who was to start some 77 minutes before me.

It was a bit breezy with a stiff breeze that made the outbound leg much quicker than the return. To add insult to injury, the middle of the field were caught in a nasty rain squall with significantly tougher wind. I could barely steer the bike while warming up. Fortunately the A428 has decently high embankments either side which offer some shelter. I had a clear run through, particularly at the turn, which is really quite good – you can see it on the Garmin trace. The only traffic issues were right after the start – you head west on the old A428 and turn sharp left at the roundabout to go down the sliproad to the A428. There was a learner driver being quite cautious, with a lorry and another car behind them. I don’t suppose it caused too much delay, but it always feels like it does. And no doubt the learner driver was being a bit anxious about all the TT bikes wobbling around.

As expected, the outbound leg was really quick, and the return a fair bit slower. The trispoke was a bit of a handful at times with the headwind on the return leg. The finish is a bit annoying, because you have to go up the sliproad, turn left at a RAB and finish a little way down the road. Last time I rode this course I got stopped at the RAB in a big gear – this year I had no trouble.

I was tied in 18th place with 22:18 judging from the provisional results posted online. Debbie finished in 26:26. Katja won the women’s prize with 23:19, 38th place overall.

Here are the top 20 finishers:

Pos. Name No. Club Time
1 Simon Norman 110 Bedfordshire Road CC 00:20:02
2 John Mulvey 101 Cambridge University CC 00:20:32
3 David McGaw 90 Cambridge CC 00:20:34
4 Carl Whitwell 100 St Ives CC 00:20:37
5 Tom Trimble 70 CC Ashwell 00:20:44
6 John Gull 71 Expresso Library 00:20:46
7 Oliver Milk 25 Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 00:20:57
8 Matthew Eley 115 Ely & District CC 00:21:16
9 William Smith 60 CC Ashwell 00:21:29
10 Ken Platts 105 Cambridge CC 00:21:38
11 Andy Whale 65 CC Ashwell 00:21:41
12 Ian Short 112 API – Metrow 00:21:47
13 Matt Meek 72 Cambridge University CC 00:21:48
14 Neil Wood 102 Did Deep Coaching 00:21:53
15 Rory Havis 85 St Ives CC 00:22:00
16 Tim Davies 75 Icknield RC 00:22:10
17 Hugo Hocknell 106 Team 00:22:14
18 Andrew Grant 27 Cambridge CC 00:22:18
19 Robert Saunders 97 North Bucks RC 00:22:18
20 Keith Dorling 77 Team Bottrill 00:22:26