symbol_01Another lovely evening saw a good turnout of 16 riders for this event on the Stony Stratford course. Sadly, we were unable to use the regular course due to roadworks, so we switched to an alternative. Instead of heading to a turn on the A421 via Beachampton and Nash, we headed out via Calverton and Whaddon, to turn at a different roundabout on the A421.

This road isn’t one I ride frequently, and it was the first time I’d raced this course. I found it a particularly technical course, with many sharp turns, and frequently dubious road surface, so I was off the tri-bars quite frequently (deciding discretion was the better part of valour!). There did seem to be cars parked along the course, which one needed to be aware of, but the most alarming event was when one of my racing colleagues took a turn rather fast and appeared to be heading for a head-on collision with me! I say “appeared” because  his bike handling skills were pretty much up to coping with the turn.

At one point I found myself on an unexpectedly sharp (though fortunately short) climb after a lengthy and fast descent, which reduced me to grovelling up in an entirely inappropriate gear. I’d actually be quite keen to have another go on this course, now I’ve got a feel for it.

The event, 10.6 miles, was won by Anthony Batt with an excellent 25:43 – despite one of his tribar extensions coming loose. I was fourth with 27:40.

Results at the NBRC website.