symbol_01A lovely evening brought out a good field of 25 riders for this NBRC club event. I had a bit of a mad dash to the event after getting held up at a level crossing waiting for two trains to pass, eventually signing on after the first riders had started. Still, I got there and managed my first ride for a few weeks (cycling holiday, illness, then work commitments being collectively responsible).

After I started, I found myself going pretty well on the main road through Chicheley. My modifications to the saddle seem to have helped solve the problems I’d had sliding forwards on the saddle. Sadly, modifications like this are UCI-illegal – fortunately, CTT sanctioned events don’t insist on UCI-legality!

Rounding the first turn after Chicheley, I was still pedalling smoothly, and it wasn’t until the approaches to North Crawley that I began dropping speed. This little climb always saps my speed, and I didn’t regain my momentum until I’d exited North Crawley. From there, it’s the usual ups and downs of a sporting course, but I was hopeful of recording a ’23’ in this event. (I couldn’t read the smaller numbers on my computer by this time due to sweat in my sunglasses!).

I approached the descent before the finish squinting at my computer – was a sub 24 ride still possible? On the first bit of climb to the finish, all seemed possible, but I flagged a bit on the main bit of climb to record 24:11. Oh well, not too bad given my lay-off from time trialling over the last few weeks!

Results at the NBRC website (I came 7th, in the midst of a stack of riders who’d done 24s).