We decided to take it a bit easier today. The wind was still quite strong and from the north bringing cool temperatures and showers, so after a fine breakfast we set off up the steep road from Loch Seaforth up to the main road. A wee bit of climbing and then the spectacular descent from Clisham. The tandem’s brakes were well up to the task. But another bout of pedalling into a stiff headwind really didn’t fill us with enthusiasm!

Eventually we paused in the shelter of a roadside quarry to eat our packed lunches. In so doing, we startled three fledgling crows, one of which nearly fell into a pond.

After lunch, we could see dark clouds looming and decided to
head back to the B&B.

Having a tail wind was such a change! We roared back to Clisham in double quick time, and found the climb quite easy in gear 5. From there it was an easy ride back to the B&B. We took the rest of the day easy.
After hearing quite a few cuckoos, we finally saw one, flying overhead.

We’re optimistic that the next few days will see better weather…