symbol_03By the time I rode up to Astwood for this evening’s club event the conditions, while dry, had got decidedly windy. As a result, the leg out to Chicheley was really rather twitchy. But somewhat oddly there were places in that section where I found it quite sheltered. Still, the upshot was that once past Chicheley, my pace picked up with more than a smidge of wind assistance.

The roadworks before North Crawley seem pretty much complete, with some nice smooth tarmac – though as a fellow competitor observed before the race, had it rained the greasy surface wouldn’t have been much fun. The speed kept reasonably well through North Crawley and on past the University road. I pressed on, oblivious (nearly!) to the tugging wind. Just past the Cranfield turn, I started hearing a tick-tick-tick from my bike…clearly something on a wheel striking the frame (or the reverse)…

Somewhat alarmed, I looked down at my wheels, and couldn’t see anything amiss. Sadly, I was wrong. A few hundred metres further on, I was cornering when the rear tyre blew quite noisily. Somewhat gingerly I came to a halt. Ho hum! I set off on the trudge back towards the finish.  Oddly, I could still hear the ticking noise…after a bit, I saw the actual cause of the noise and puncture – a half-inch nail protruding from the tyre sidewall. I doubt any tyre could have resisted that treatment.


The offending nail!

Geoff, one of my fellow competitors, came to fetch me – and took me home so I could repair the puncture in a bit more comfort – for which I am hugely grateful! I do hope this doesn’t mark the return of “Puncture” Bob!

I presume the ticking noise was the nail protruding from my rear tyre and striking the frame. I’ve yet to have a look and see what damage (presumably cosmetic) my frame has suffered.