I’m a little late with this update, but since things are as usual a bit quiescent in January that’s not so important. After the New Year’s Day ’10’, I’ve been trying to knuckle down to some proper training. As usual, this corresponds to quite a lot of turbo training, and if anything this aspect has assumed greater proportions than in previous years, since the weather has been frankly hideous! Unfortunately my working pattern has made effective training something of a challenge.

It’s too early to say whether my form is coming along well (my feeling is that I’ve plateaued a bit since Christmas), but at least I’ve survived so far without illness or injury. I managed to cock up some dates in March, so due to work commitments I won’t be riding the usual season-opener, the Port Talbot Wheelers 2-up ’25’. Instead, Team Grumpy will ride a ’10’ on a similar course – solo of course – a week earlier.

On website matters, the site devoted to a defunct bike club – the Northwood Wheelers – that I maintain had a bit of a boost over Christmas after a former member made contact and sent some memorabilia, including 20 issues of the club newsletter/magazine dating from the 1950s. These have now been scanned in and can be read online.

After the last North Bucks Road Club AGM, I’ve taken over the club chairman role. This means I have to attend all the meetings so I can chair them! This as well as maintaining the club website…