symbol_03This was only my third ’25’ of the season, and on the F1B/25, the somewhat less flat version of the F1. This course heads south from Tempsford to turn at the Baldock interchange, just where the A1 changes into the A1(M).

A nice enough morning heading out to the event, but by the time we reached the race HQ at Tempsford hall, the skies had clouded over and light had fallen a bit. Fortunately, by the time we started, things had improved a fair bit. As regards the event itself, it was marred somewhat by a stiff sidewind, which at one point threatened to overturn me! I had a pretty clear run through all the roundabouts.

There was an annoying diesel spill at the miniroundabout near the start, but I don’t think it caused any trouble with the riders.

All in all an uneventful ride – I finished in 59:49, and went home to feed Tony blueberry pancakes!

Here’s the Garmin trace.