symbol_03Rather a nice evening for a time trial – sunny, but not too hot, and with only a fairly gentle wind. Unfortunately I felt pretty grotty and found the ride quite tough!

I set off from the start feeling reasonably OK, made it through Beachampton OK, but fell apart a bit as rode up the climb to Nash. I had the added impetus of knowing my colleague Katja, on her second race on her new TT bike, was starting a minute behind me! I was unable to read my bike computer, due to sunglasses an age-related vision issues, so mostly I was riding on feel. This wasn’t really good enough, as all I was aware of was feeling really rubbish as my speed dropped away on the climb to Nash. Once up there, things got a fair bit better.

I was doing a good job staying on the tri-bars round the bends and corners. Well, mostly. I did descend well from Nash through Beachampton, but lost a bit of speed on the twists and turns over the last few miles to the finish.

The event, overall, was a bit of a let-down after last week’s ride at Astwood. I finished fairly low in the pecking order with 28:32. Full results at the NBRC website.

Tony and Amy were out on the tandem to see the race: I rode back part of the way home with them (they did seem to be going rather fast for my tired legs).