symbol_11Despite being a rather overcast evening this event saw a good turnout of riders – 21 solos and two tandems, I think. For my part I was feeling a bit tired after some heavy commitments at work and was  a little concerned that my performance would reflect this.

I had hoped to get my time for this course down to the mid-23s – which speaks volumes for the state of my ‘racing’ season thus far! So it was with some apprehension that I lined up to start. To add further concern, the traffic in the lane where we meet seems to have increased substantially since the McDonalds opened for business.

The race itself was rather uneventful – the usual caution in negotiating the first roundabout; the desperate attempt to keep a reasonable racing pace on the gentle climb between the secnd and third roundabouts; avoiding the numerous potholes on the dual carriageway. But I felt pretty good on the whole and, though my ageing eyes didn’t seem able to resolve the smaller digits on the bike computer, I was reasonably hopeful that I wouldn’t disgrace myself. Geoff Bunyan was captaining a tandem a minute behind me – they came past on the return leg in good and smooth style. They didn’t make much headway as the road rises at the end of dual carriageway section, but one the road descended towards the finish, away they went.

You can see the results at the NBRC website. I ended up with 22:42, which I was quite pleased by. I was riding my Powertap Hed Jet disc wheel, so I collected more power data. Here’s the Garmin trace: