symbol_11This event was on a warm but heavily overcast and very humid evening. Still, conditions seemed to be enough for a decent turnout! I felt particularly sleepy before starting, though as usual sleepiness soon dissipated as my start time approached. For a change, it was a rather still evening – which was good.

I was quite optimistic for the event. However, I hadn’t raced for a month, and training had been interrupted by a brief holiday in Yorkshire followed by a work trip to Italy. While both those were fun, it did dent my training a bit, leaving a question mark over this event.

As it turned out, the event was something of a mixed bag. I shot off from the start reasonably well, but my speed (as far as I could gauge it with my ageing vision) soon dropped off alarmingly, and this on parts of the course I’d normally be quite quick on. This pattern was repeated all through the event, with my general sensation being that of riding through a viscous substance. Perhaps that reflected the humid conditions.

I finished with 24:42 which, while not a great time, was around a minute faster than my previous outing on the course.

Here’s the Garmin trace.