So I finally shook off the post-viral fatigue and began the slow haul back to form.

The good news is that by mid February I was back where I was before falling ill on 22nd December – at least as judged by the critical mean power data I was collecting via the Polar computer on my turbo bike. I’m presently focussed on regaining as much form as possible prior to my first open event, the Port Talbot Wheelers 2-up ’25’ on 17th March. Fortunately this event is unusually late this year (by about two weeks). But on the downside, my 2-up partner has suffered the same illness as I have, but running a week or so behind me. It’s generally felt that a Team Grumpy Omnishambles beckons.

In preparation for the opening of my racing season (on 9th March with a club event) I’ve cleaned up my time trial bike, which has hung unloved since returning from the 2012 Duo Normand. I’ve scraped off the mould growing on spilt energy drink, and I’ve replaced the bar end levers that got damaged in the September crash. As far as I can see, the bike is in better shape than I am. I’m overweight and undertrained, after all.

The turbo trainer bike, an old 531 frame from Ribble with miscellaneous parts sourced from the parts bin, has finally given up the ghost after about 15 years mounted on the turbo. It is very rusty and irreparable. As a stopgap measure, I’ve put my old summer bike on the turbo. On the upside, it’s lovely and smooth compared with it’s predecessor. On the downside, I’m not happy with a Record-equipped custom built 753 frame going the same way as the Ribble. So I’m in the market for a second had or otherwise cheap 23.5 inch road frame for turbo use.