Here’s a digest of recent music added to my collection.

Black Pus – This came across my radar via the music site The Quietus which featured a track (1000 Years) from an upcoming album.

There area  few Black Pus albums available on Bandcamp – I bought Pus Mortem. I kind of like the stripped down clatter of Black Pus and find it unaccountably invigorating.

Cyclopean is a collaboration that includes a couple of founder members of Can. They have a four track EP out on Mute. You can get flac downloads, but not I think from the Mute shop. It’s pretty straightforward electronica, but nonetheless enjoyable for that. Here’s an edit from one of the four tracks on the EP.

Fire! Orchestra – Exit! Slightly unusually for me, I added a free jazz album this month – Fire! Orchestra’s album of late 2012, Fire! I’ve kind of been inveigled into Gustafsson sax jazz via Neneh Cherry and The Thing – see their cover of Suicide’s Dream Baby Dream. Despite being live, this is quite laid back a lot of the time. Two tracks – here’s an edit of one of them

Merzbow Pandi Gustafsson Cuts A rather noiser outing for Gustafsson, this time in the company of Hungarian drummer Pandi and Japanese noise artist Merzbow. Bought as flac download. Here’s a snippet:

This I rather like. There’s a general thread in my listening these days, to include sound textures as much as music, hence my liking for both the introspective analogue bleeps and gurgles of Pan Sonic and wilder noise.

My Bloody Valentine mbv.  This caused something of an interweb sensation when released – the website crashed due to all the hits. I’m not a major MBV fan, but I bought it in part to see what the fuss was all about. To be honest, I wouldn’t rave about it … yet, but it’s definitely growing on me. It’s really a bit of an old-fashioned shoegaze type album, and I’d have to leave it to the MBV fans to identify whether it represents a significant advance over previous MBV offerings.

Finally, today’s the release date of the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, Push The Sky Away. Keenly awaited, the download link is still not active – I ordered the super deluxe edition to be released in April, so all I’ll get at the moment is an mp3 download. I am sure it will repay the patience. More on that later.