This has quite frankly been the worst start to a cycling year since I took up cycling seriously about 20 years ago. In the last instalment of My month in cycling, for December, I noted that I’d been quite ill over Christmas. I don’t know what that was that afflicted me so badly for a few weeks with heavy coughing and fevers, but it left me with persistent fatigue. My resting pulse rate has risen and fallen from day to day, and on some days the slightest exertion causes my heart rate to rocket.

So, it’s not been good. Having lost weight over Xmas, I’m now piling the pounds on as I was unable to take serious exercise for 5 weeks.

From about 26th January, this began to change, and I have not only begun training again, but I have started cycling to work again. Turbo training has never seemed to attractive! I use a Polar power meter on the turbo – it may be at the less sophisticated end of the power meter market, but at least it can give me a useful estimate of where my fitness is at. And it’s rather clear that this extended illness has cost me dear. It will be interesting to see if I bounce back, or grovel back.