A warm sunny and quite still evening this week: how unusual that felt! I rode over to Stony Stratford via the V10 redways, which is always a navigational challenge (but the traffic on V10 seemed quite heavy). At one point in an underpass, I got off the bike to avoid trailing through broken glass, and got talking to a group of four kids who seemed interested in the bike. After letting them look at it (and feel its weight – or rather lack of it), I carried on my way. Later, at the time trial, other riders ventured the opinion that this was unwise – but actually they were pretty good-natured kids, and quite young. Anyway, I reached the signing on just in time to get a start one minute before Tony. So, I knew I’d get caught, question was – when?

I set off in as good a style as possible, with the instructions from the start crew that I wasn’t to let Tony catch me. That may have been intended as encouraging, but frankly it would have taken a puncture to avoid the catch! Anyway, I successfully negotiated the crappy road surface into Beachampton, where the worst and deepest potholes appear to have been filled, rode through the ruts and holes as I exited Beachampton, then began the climb up to Nash. This time, I chose to moderate my gears. Did this help? Not a bit – I still suffered and grovelled up to Nash. Once through Nash I tried to settle into a better rhythm and avoid an early catch. But to no avail, Tony rolled past at pretty much the same point as the last time we rode this course. Never mind, I thought, he didn’t keep pulling away so fast last time. But what was this? Tony roared off like a bat out of hell, and not even descending like a stone from Nash could keep him in sight! Clearly either Tony was on song, or I was going backward. Or both.

In any event, I finished in third place out of 12 with 27:43. This is marginally quicker than the last time I rode at Stony Stratford, back in May, but frankly nothing to shout about. Ho hum!


Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / – Vets Std
1 11 Tony Parks NBRC 26.08 V47 31.53 .+ 5.45 1
2 12 Geoff Perry TeamMK 27.17 V52 32.18 .+ 5.01 2
3 10 Rob Saunders NBRC 27.43 V52 32.18 .+ 4.35 3
4 8 Lindz Barral www.twenty3c.co.uk 27.51 S
5 5 Lee Goodman TeamMK 27.55 S
6 3 Julian Lane NBRC 28.03 V45 31.43 .+ 3.40 4
7 9 Kevin Stokes TeamMK 28.39 V49 32.03 .+ 3.24 5
8 7 Mick Atkinson TeamMK 29.17 V43 31.32 .+ 2.15 6
9 2 Jason Lee TeamMK 29.30 V43 31.32 .+ 2.02 7
10 1 Alan Lawson NBRC 33.41 V44 31.37 .- 2.04 9
11 6 Paul Woodham Bossard Wheelers 34.00 V61 33.09 .- 0.51 8
4 Chris Dunwoodie TeamMK DNF S