Good grief, a sunny evening for a club ’10’! This was perhaps the warmest time trial I’ve ridden all year. I was surprised it didn’t bring out more riders, but I wonder whether we’re suffering a bit of competition from the VC10’s Wednesday club events on the fast Tring course (F11/10), which I think attracted some regular riders.

Anyway, despite feeling a bit tired after trailing over to Uxbridge for most of the day, I was feeling fairly comfortable on the ride over to Astwood. It was a pretty good evening with only a light wind, which promised to make the return leg a little harder. But of course, it meant the first three or four miles to Chicheley, usually the quickest part of the course were likely to be even quicker than usual. And so it proved. Actually, this was only disturbed (for me, at least) by a motorcyclist who roared past me very close and very loud, and who nearly made me jump out of the saddle!

It wasn’t until the North Crawley turn that I found it hard to keep the speed up – after the T-junction it’s always a bit of an effort to get one’s speed back up, and tonight seemed worse than usual. But after that it was business as usual.

I finished with 23:46, a reasonably time, though the top three riders came in over a minute quicker than that (and some had course PBs). I’m over to ride the F20 on an evening event on Saturday – it’ll be interesting to see how that goes as it’s quite a fast course. I may bring out the lighter wheels for that event!

Results (over at the NBRC website)