For a change, it didn’t rain today. But it was heavily overcast and remarkably cold for May. Another change was on the tyre front: as recommended by Gerry, I had ordered a pair of Bontrager Aero R4 folding tyres, in the hope of avoiding further puncture misery. An added bonus lay in the aesthetic arena: black tyres with white logos happen to look damned fine on my bike.

I was feeling a bit tired and jaded en route to the course.  I’d never ridden the F2D/10 before (and neither, I think, had Tony) – fortunately we arrived in time to drive round the course and recce out the turn. The course was a pretty straightforward dual carriageway course, with a only gentle undulations and a lengthy turn (if that makes any sense!). While the rain held off, there was a stiff wind from the Northeast, which was cutting across the course. While it gave some assistance on the return leg, it did make the outward leg quite tough at times.  I had no trouble with hold-ups at any roundabouts, though occasional motorists came closer than I thought strictly necessary! For about the first time this season, I felt comfortable on the time trial bike, with the exception of some masculine discomfort later in the event (of which the less said the better!).

I crossed the finish line with a result of 22:52. That’s still a bit slower than I’d have liked, but I think it may be sign of returning form. At last.