As I write this, I’m looking out at the weather, which seems to me to be a glorious morning for a time trial – brilliant sunshine with a gentle breeze, albeit a little chilly judging by the frost on the grass.  And about now (8am), I should be getting the last of my kit together before cycling over to the race HQ.  So, what’s the problem?  Another blasted cold, that’s what – I learnt my lesson about training and racing with a cold a few years ago.  This gave rise to Team Grumpy’s fifth rule:

Never train or race with a bad cough – it will destroy your entire season.

As you might gather, I have indeed caught another cold. It’s intensely frustrating, particularly as the Icknield 30k is my usual season-opener open event.  I do hope this doesn’t foreshadow another wretched season beset by illness.