Frankly, I have little interest in the overblown spectacle that the modern Olympics has become.  I will of course try and watch the cycling events on the TV, but otherwise it leaves me rather cold.  Over at, I see the headline Ninety-two-year-old who helped bring women’s cycling to Olympics to carry London 2012 torch.  An interesting headline, so I popped over to read the article.  It turns out that the 92-year old is none other than Eileen Gray.  Oddly, the article is written as though the author hadn’t heard of Eileen Gray before!  Indeed, I noticed the omission of her name from the article title, which relegated her to the description “ninety-two-year-old”.

For what it’s worth, I’m delighted at this news.  Gray was particularly important in the development of international women’s cycling, and this is a deserved honour.  Here’s an interview at the British Cycling website.