The New Humanist magazine reports that Nadine Dorries has won their 2011 Bad Faith award by a landslide (Bad Faith Award 2011: it’s Dorries by a landslide).  As New Humanist says:

It’s been a fascinating race for the award this year, as for the first time in its five-year history one of the candidates took note of the fact that they had been nominated and began a campaign to ensure they emerged victorious. As many of you already know, Dorries, who was nominated on account of her twin attempts to change the law on abortion counselling and introduce abstinence-based sex education for girls, noticed she was in the running shortly after we opened the poll, and published a post on her infamous blog (“70 per cent fiction and 30 per cent fact“) stating that “it’s scary to think how many people out there hold such extreme views dressed up as acceptable in an online glossy magazine”. 

Dorries, often characterised as the Member for Mid-Narnia, is actually my MP.  The Government’s boundary changes seem to be threatening her constituency, so maybe future bids for the award are limited.  Anyway, well done Nadine!