Via the National Secular Society comes this appraisal of Nadine Dorries’ plans aimed at restricting women’s reproductive rights (Nadine Dorries’ abortion proposals – Fact and Fiction | National Secular Society).

The key issue here is the use of the word ‘independent’.  Dorries uses it as ‘independent from the abortion providers’, but knowing full well that the bodies she seeks to use for offering advice are anti-abortion organisations (and generally religiously motivated) intends Parliament and the public to misinterpret this as ‘independent” in a more general sense.

In this article, the National Secular Society has provided a detailed synopsis (with links) as to why this set of proposals are so thoroughly objectionable.

It’s interesting to note parallels between the devious language usage here and that used by American creationists – ‘Teach the Controversy’, where there is no controversy save in the minds of the cloth-eared creationists.  There’s a constant strain of dishonesty apparent in the way that those motivated by christian beliefs seem to try and influence policy.