Back in January of this year I posted an article (Unreleased products top 2010 tech innovation poll!) pointing out that two ‘products’ that had been awarded a best product award for 2010 had yet to emerge onto the market.  Well, now reports that the Garmin (formerly Metrigear) Vector pedal-based power-metering system faces release in March 2012 (Garmin Vector pedal power meter available in 2012).  Not bad for a product that won an award for technical innovation in 2010.

Somewhat annoyingly for me, the device now uses Look Keo pedals, rather than the originally slated SpeedPlay system (none of my bikes have Keos, but two do have SpeedPlay).  No word currently on whether Polar’s parallel system, which is also based as far as I know on the Keo pedals, will see retail shelves in 2012.

The Garmin system does look pretty neat compared with crank-based systems.