This event was the last evening event in the North Bucks time trial series (the remaining events will be run at weekends).  The turnout was quite small (about 9 riders, I think) probably because of the weather.  The drizzly weather had set in during the afternoon, and by the time I left work to ride over to the race, it had turned into rather more persistent (though light) rain.

Still, this was a counting league event, so some of us were up to it, including Lindz, Tony and Geoff – all of whom are on good form at the moment.  For my part, I wasn’t looking forward to dragging my body up the hill on the outward leg, particularly as my attempts at weight loss have been a bit derailed of late.  This ‘anticipation’ pretty much reflected reality.

While I satisfactorily reeled in some of the riders ahead of me, as usual I found tackling the first half to be the usual hard ride.  Indeed, I reckon it took me 15 minutes or so to reach the turn.  In my own defence, I have to say I was taking some of the turns a bit conservatively, as I wasn’t keen to take a tumble so near to the Duo Normand.  Anyway, the return leg was as usual much quicker, peaking at 69kph.

I finished in 27:10, not too bad for the conditions.  I’m pretty sure that Tony (26:08) and Lindz (a long 26) both finished with course PBs.  I’ve no idea what my best on this course is, and have no easy way of finding out, I think.