The recent spell of hot and muggy weather continued through to this event, although the lunchtime thunderstorm caused a bit of concern – were this to happen at the event, I could have seen the third cancellation in four events!  By 7pm it was rather better than that, but with a breeze that made conditions rather harder on the outward leg.

Annoyingly, I got stalled by traffic at the first and second roundabouts, which always interrupts my concentration a bit.  On the dual carriageway, I initially found my concentration wavering, but then set to the task of catching my minute man (which took until some distance beyond the turn).  Rounding the turn, I was counting the time off until I saw Tony – when I did see him, it seemed to me that he was on a good ride.

Back of the dual carriageway, and I was horsing down the hill to the last two roundabouts.  Unfortunately I was again held up by traffic at both – once by a huge white lorry with a train of following cars that (in discussions after the event) had encountered riders at elsewhere on the course.

I finished in 4th place with 22:19.  Tony was in first place with an excellent 21:30, so a nice return to form for him!


Name Club Time Cat Vets Std + / – Vets Pos
1 Tony Parks NBRC 21.24 V46 26.42 +5.18 4
2 Geoff Perry TeamMK 22.04 V51 27.46 +5.42 1
3 Rob Saunders NBRC 22.19 V51 27.46 +5.27 2
4 Richard Golding TeamMK 22.21 V42 25.54 +3.33 6
5 Glen McMenamin NBRC 22.32 S
6 Lindz Barral iTeam cc 22.58 S
7 John Buchanan TeamMK 23.22 V41 25.42 +2.20 8
8 Dave Carrington TeamMK 23.43 V46 26.42 +2.59 7
9 James Vaughan Twenty3c 23.49 S
10 Clive Faine TeamMK 25.38 V65 31.00 +5.22 3
11 Alan Lawson NBRC 26.48 V43 26.06 -0.42 9
12 Gilbert Wheelwright NBRC 27.10 V68 31.45 +4.35 5
13 Tony Brunton NBRC 29.12 V46 26.42 -2.30 10