This event was looking promising.  A warm and overcast evening, there was a breeze that looked likely to help the riders up the hill to Nash.  The timekeepers, riders and associated personnel were congregated at the start, when a bloke in a big 4×4 pulled up an announced that there was a significant car crash between Beachampton and Nash. This was just before the first rider was about to start – we duly held off starting and dispatched Chris on his motorbike to investigate whether the road was indeed closed.  It turned out to be the case, and the location of the crash prevented us from switching to the Whaddon circuit.

So that was that.  A 33 mile round trip and no race!  This is the second time in three events that we’ve bee forced to cancel an event just as we were to start.

Not riding events is becoming a bit of a feature of my 2011 season!  Hopefully the Hitchin Nomad ’10’ using the F1/10 on Sunday will go ahead without disruption.