Both time trials I’d intended to ride this week were cancelled, adding to the general sense that my 2011 has been (and will probably continue to be) rather lacklustre.

The North Bucks club event on Wednesday was abandoned due to roadworks on the course, complicated by some rather inexplicably high traffic levels.

The API-Metrow ’25’ was to be held on the E2/25 on Saturday afternoon.  The weather forecast was pretty dreadful, and I’m never keen on riding DC courses in heavy rain.  As it was, Tony came round and we jointly decided we wouldn’t trail over to Newmarket only to drive back.  We had an enjoyable day watching the Tour de France, eating curry and drinking beer.  Possibly not the best fitness regime… We did monitor the situation regarding the API-Metrow event on the timetrialling forum, and the event was indeed cancelled due to the prevailing conditions.  They plan to run it again, I think on 17th September – the day before the Duo Normand!