Today was forecast as a hot and sunny prelude to three days of heavy rain.  Some disappointment, therefore, when the skies were darkly clouded at the start of this event.  It was at least warm, with a rather gentler breeze than we’ve had at recent time trials.  This event was nominated as the North Bucks Road Club’s championship ’25’ time trial.  Disappointing that I was the only NBRC rider taking part.  I was off at #10, with only three riders ahead of me (and one of those was a DNS).

The event was on the F13/25, which runs along the A41 from Launton Road to the outskirts of Aylesbury and back, and isn’t really a very quick course – it’s quite lumpy, and the road surface (particularly around the new Aylesbury Vale Parkway roundabout) leaves quite a lot to be desired.  There’s also the issue of the pedestrian crossing traffic lights in Waddesdon (directly outside the police station!) – racing through when the lights are at red is a disqualification offence.  And, yes, I’ve seen a rider DQ’d for running the red light there!  No such problems for me today.

To be honest, it was clear from about 10 minutes in that beating the hour was going to be a bit hit and miss.  I found the gentle breeze sufficiently nagging in combination with the various gentle ascents that I had trouble keeping up the effort.  I did catch both riders ahead of me before the turn, which left a rather lonely ride for the remainder of the time trial.

It was good to see Richard stoking the tandem (to a finishing time of 55:38) while I was out there.  I had a good peer at the machine afterwards.  Perhaps I should find someone to stoke the Longstaff tandem at some time trial soon!

Returning to my performance, I’m happy to say I did pop below the hour, recording 59:42.  Any ride quicker than an hour on this course is OK by my (albeit undemanding) standards.

Results are at the Hemel Hempstead CC website.