This was quite a windy evening, and heavily overcast.  It also gave the distinct impression that the clouds were going to deliver some rain.  However, precipitation was limited to fine drizzly rain at the far end of the course, so that wasn’t too bad.

After Sunday’s ’50’, I was interested to see how I’d fare this evening – I generally lose form, at least where racing speed is concerned, while off on cycle touring.  Sunday’s ’50’ had been a bit of a worry and I’d ten spent two days working away from home.  There was a pretty small field, maybe due to the weather.

I was last rider off, and found the outward leg fairly heavy going, but gradually felt a bit better, as I approached the dual carriageway section.  Once up there, I started seeing riders coming the other way – Jason was clearly going fast, near the turn, it looked as though Tony was gaining on Lindz (though in the end Lindz held him off!).  For my part, I was quite pleased with by time of 23:12, and reckon that my legs are getting back into the swing of things.

Next open event is the Century RC ’10’ on Saturday.


Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / – Vets Std
1 5 Jason Gurney Baines Racing 21.23 V41 25.42 4.19 5
2 8 Tony Parks NBRC 22.02 V46 26.42 4.40 2
3 7 Lindz Barral iTeam cc 23.00 S
4 9 Rob Saunders NBRC 23.12 V51 27.46 4.34 3
5 1 Glen McMenamin NBRC 23.53 S
6 4 Yvonne Gurney Baines Racing 25.57 L
7 2 Clive Faine TeamMK 26.13 V64 30.45 4.32 4
8 6 Gilbert Wheelwright NBRC 26.39 V68 31.45 5.06 1
9 3 Tony Brunton NBRC 28.44 V46 26.42 .- 2.02 6