I’ve written up an account of our 2011 cycle touring escapade, though really (as far as cycle touring goes) it was a bit unsatisfactory. The initial aim of touring the very north of Scotland came apart quickly when the tandem’s freehub body shattered a few miles north of Scourie. By the time we’d sorted that out we were in Thurso with the tandem but also the car, which in itself presented some logistical problems for cycle touring!

We then decided to stay for a few nights in Pitlochry before heading back south.  It was on a 75 mile ride from Pitlochry that our second mechanical problem occurred, when the front tyre exploded (through braking heat) on the descent from Ben Lawers.

Annoying that the problems detracted so much from our holiday, but they are informing the design of the new touring tandem…

The account of the trip can be found via the Cycling menu at the top of the page (Cycling | Cycle Touring | 2011) or via this link.  The individual posts include photo galleries and links to maps of each day’s cycling.