At least the forecast showers held off for this evening’s time trial, though blustery wind remained to try my patience.  A good turnout of about 19 riders produced some fine rides, with a bit of a gulf between Tim and Jason and the 3rd and 4th placed riders with a tightly fought 1 second difference.

From my perspective, I’ve been trying to pull back form lost through February’s injury: at last week’s event I was about half a minute shy of that event in 2010, tonight I was 4 seconds slower than in 2010.  On the other hand the margin between Tony and me was somewhat smaller, around 5 seconds.  By and large, though, I’m reasonably pleased with this evening’s ride.

The wind meant the outward leg to Chicheley was a little tough, but once round that corner, things were a bit brisker, and I managed to catch one or two riders.  Traffic was pretty light this evening, which is always good!

Read on for the results table and map

1 Tim Carter Virgin Active 21.36
2 Jason Gurney Baines Racing 21.43
3 Chris Dunwoody Team MK 23.09
4 Tony Parks NBRC 23.10
5 Rob Saunders NBRC 23.53
6 David Carrington Team MK 24.12
7 Grahame Freestone-King

John Buchanan

Team Sales Engine

Team MK

8 Anthony Batt NBRC 25.11
9 Rob Chaundy Team MK 25.13
10 David Price Twenty3c 25.14
11 Brian Primett Team MK 25.50
12 Steve Abraham NBRC 26.04
13 Ruth Freestone-King Team Sales Engine 27.06
14 Alan Lawson NBRC 28.07
15 Christina White Team MK 28.12
16 Graham Line NBRC 28.14
17 Gordon Batcock NBRC 29.01
18 Tony Brunton NBRC 29.06