The website released the results of the readers’ poll on best technical innovation of 2010 (Electronic widgets voted Cyclingnews Best Tech Innovation – where you can see the full results).

Somewhat bizarrely, pedal-based power meters top the list with 26.9% of the vote, edging GPS-enabled bike computers into second place.  But isn’t that a bit odd?  After all GPS-enabled bike computers have been doing the rounds for some time.  Indeed, I bought a Garmin 500 in the summer of 2010.

However, we have two contenders for the pedal-based power meter category.  Firstly Metrigear’s Vector system.  This has been widely discussed by Metrigear via their website and blog, detailing the ongoing product development, but it’s not yet been released, despite slipping past several proposed launch windows.  And since Metrigear has been snapped up by Garmin, not much information has been released.

As for the Look/Polar confection, supposedly based on Look’s Keo pedals, all I’ve seen has been some CAD mock-ups of what the pedal will look like.

Yes, these would have been significant technical developments or innovations of 2010 – it’s just that they weren’t.  Having said that, I will quickly join the queue to buy one (preferably the Garmin) when they do emerge…