As usual, I turned out for the club’s New Year’s Day 10 mile time trial on the F5d/10, which makes use of the new Stoke Hammond bypass.  This year, eight hardy souls rode the event (but two as a two up team on road bikes with mudguards, I believe.

This year’s event benefited from above zero temperatures, but it was still rather cold and clammy with periods of drizzle.  Immediately from the off, I noticed my additional bulk (accumulated as my mileage dropped off during December’s snowy conditions) as the road rises to join the new dual carriageway.  Annoyingly (having remarked on how light the traffic was earlier), there seemed to be a bit of an increase in traffic levels around the time we started event.  I got a little slowed by traffic at the first roundabout (and again by a single driver at the penultimate roundabout), but to be honest the road surface at that roundabout is so poor I always take it rather cautiously.Once on the dual carriageway, I focussed on catching my minute man, which I did shortly after the turn.  After that, it was a rather uneventful ride.  However, I did feel rather awkward on the bike – it was the first time I’d been out on the time trial bike since the Duo Normand on 19th September, and not only did it feel both very twitchy in the steering but I certainly didn’t feel comfortable in my aero tuck!

I finished in 24:21, about 14 seconds faster than last year but beaten into second place by Lindz Barrall with a very fine 23, who increased his margin over me from last year’s 10 seconds.  Nevertheless, it earned me the New Year’s Day ’10’ trophy for the fastest North Bucks Road Club rider.

Results below the map…

Solo event
Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / – Vets Std
1 2 Lindz Barral i-TeamCC 23.48 S
2 4 Robert Saunders NBRC 24.21 V51 27.46 .+3.25 1
3 5 Richard Golding TeamMK 24.47 V41 25.42 .+0.55 2
4 1 Steve Torley TeamMK 24.55 S
5 8 Julian Lane NBRC 25.50 V44 26.18 .+0.28 3
6 3 David Carrington TeamMK 26.08 V45 26.30 .+0.22 4
Two Up TTT
6 Jason Gurney Baines Racing 27.35 V41
6 Stewart Williams TeamMK 27.35 V51