The BBC reports that the UK ISP TalkTalk (also known as StalkStalk) is pressing on with its intrusive malware scanning system (Talk Talk to introduce controversial virus alert system).  However a better analysis can be read over at NoDPI (Update: StalkStalk, Time to Switch ISP).

Essentially TalkTalk will visit every website visited by every TalkTalk customer, and investigate it for malware.  Essentially this is an exercise in recording customers’ web activity, in many cases recording URLs containing personal information.  TalkTalk customers cannot opt-out of the URL stalking.  As NoDPI put it:

Yesterday, TalkTalk announced the forthcoming relaunch of their ‘anti-malware’ service. The same system was covertly tested on TalkTalk subscribers in June/July.


Every URL that you visit will be captured, and used to classify the web site that you visit. The technology is supplied by Chinese company Huawei, who are commercial partners with notorious spyware company Phorm, who in turn use technology supplied by malware hackers OCS Lab in Moscow.

TalkTalk customers are advised to read the NoDPI article and judge whether their privacy would be best served by leaving for a new ISP. Personally I left BT over their dalliance with the dreadful Phorm.

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