Oysters, opened, ready for consumption, raw

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After this morning’s rather lacklustre time trial (see previous post), it was off to Woburn for the annual Oyster Festival, in which the town that’s possibly furthest from the sea transforms itself into Woburn-by-the-sea for a weekend.  The centre of the town is filled with stalls offering oysters (and other sea food), beers (including the headline Oyster Stout), and a wide variety of mostly meat-focussed foods.

First up for consumption was half a dozen rather large oysters, eaten freshly opened with a squeeze of lemon juice and accompanied by a pint of oyster stout.  This was from Marston’s, from who’s website the image to the right is linked.  It’s a wonderful stout that makes an excellent partner for the oysters (though to doesn’t itself contain oysters!).

After I’d washed down the oysters, I still felt a little peckish, which is where the kangaroo comes in – it was off to the kangaroo, ostrich and crocodile stall.  Unfortunately the grilled crocodile had proven popular and there was none left (otherwise that’s what I’d have had) – we had a roll filled with grilled kangaroo  (me) and ostrich (Carol).  Frankly, the kangaroo was a little undistinguished – I thought it could have been any grilled meat.

Giant puffball

While walking over to Woburn, I happened to spot a few giant puffballs (Langermannia gigantea) in the verge, and nabbed a couple of relatively small ones.

Back home, one of these was the base for a rather nice pasta sauce, along with some smoked bacon.  Yum.  The other one went off with our friends…